Mergers & Acquisitions
The term mergers & acquisitions (or M&A) is often a scary one to business owners. Perhaps due to the scandals seen in recent years, or the merger mania of the late ´90s, owners tend to associate M&A with Wall Street, and don´t want to be involved.

But removed from its tainted image, mergers & acquisitions stands for business transition. Every business, regardless of its size, ownership structure or industry must constantly keep an eye on its strategic positioning and growth prospects. Mergers & acquisitions is one facet, albeit an important one, that business owners should be focused on at all times.

Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists

For business owners in the lower middle market, the area we specialize in, the question often is quite simple: how can I realize the value that I have built up in my business through years of hard work? Business owners are proud of their accomplishments, the company they have created, and are reluctant to contemplate selling to a competitor. But selling to a competitor is far from the only option available to realize value. Private investors, or investment groups are constantly looking for attractive, growing businesses which offer expansion opportunities. Individuals looking to retire from corporate positions, or exiting other businesses, acquire businesses in extremely diverse industries (often irregardless of their backgrounds). A recapitalization of the business? A sale to employees through a tax-deferred transaction?

The options for business owners are endless, and that is exactly why NEBC has been successful over the years. Business owners are experts in their businesses. They know their products/services, competition and industry better than we could ever hope to. But for most - they can't run a business and be an M&A specialist at the same time. At NEBC, we are specialists in M&A work. Yes, we offer a range of other services including capital raising, valuations and so forth, but all of these services at their core revolve around business transitions. This is what we offer to the business owner - the expertise and intellectual capital developed through working on mergers & acquisitions since 1984.

In the above text, we have focused on the small to mid-sized business owner and his/her monetization alternatives. We do so because this business owner is often unaware of the alternatives and capital available to him/her and has an emotional tie to the business. But at NEBC our services go far beyond representing the business owner on sell-side transactions.

Below is a list of the mergers & acquisitions situations that we specialize in, we invite you to read more about each one. We believe our services and expertise allow us to have a “360 degree view of the world” - well, at least in a business sense: we work with buyers, sellers, equity investors, debt providers, valuation experts, accountants, lawyers, consultants - and approach transactions from every angle.

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