Industry Consolidations

Financial buyers, such as private equity firms, constantly focus on shifting dynamics in industries - looking for areas that are undervalued, primed for strong growth or ripe for consolidation. At NEBC, we seek to be at the forefront of industry consolidations, continuously researching sectors that could fit the investment criteria of these financial buyers. Absorbing the financial and operational details of companies in these industries, we are able to effectively advise both buyers and sellers.

A good example of our success in industry consolidations is our experience in the equipment rental industry. We conducted 9 transactions in this sector totaling over $100 million in value. Our constant contact with the large corporate and financial buyers in the sector allowed us to maximize value for our sell-side clients, through competitive bidding processes.

Currently, we are active in the security, crane, education and bakery industries, representing clients on both the buy and sell-side.

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