A recapitalization, by definition, is a change in a company´s capital structure, such as a replacement of debt with equity. For owners of small to mid-sized businesses, a recapitalization can serve as a tool to achieve two goals: first, for one or more owners to monetize all or a portion or their holdings in the company through an infusion of third-party debt or equity; or second, for an infusion of capital to stabilize a company´s balance sheet, such as private equity for an overly leveraged balance sheet.

Through our intimate knowledge of both debt and equity providers, and experience in dealing with complex situations, NEBC is well positioned to aid in a recapitalization. We help business owners assess the financing options available to them, weighing factors such as control, risk and cost. Each situation is individual to the needs of the company and the needs of the shareholders, which is exactly why NEBC´s extensive knowledge of capital sources and their investment criteria makes us a valuable resource in recapitalizations.
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