In a meeting with a potential client recently, the business owner expressed his rationale for utilizing NEBC´s services: “If you've been in business since 1984, you must be doing something right!” Though we like to think that we´ve been doing more than just a few things right, the client´s statement points to our strengths - NEBC has been active in mergers and acquisitions for close to twenty years, and along the way we've seen deals in all shapes and sizes.

Sell-side transactions, buy-side, representing private equity firms. Raising debt for acquisitions, finding private equity backers. Valuations. Transactions have come from sources we never would have expected, and taken turns that we never would have expected. It is this experience, ranging across transaction types and industries, that differentiates us from our competitors and makes our services invaluable to our clients.

And don´t let the name New England Brokerage Corporation fool you - we serve clients nationwide. We´re based out of Rhode Island, but our clients are located throughout the country, as far away as Oregon, Texas and South Carolina.

Examples of the work we´ve done are included in the case studies. As you read them, we´re confident that you will understand the diversity of our services and expertise, and better understand how we might be of use to you.