Strategic Consulting

Selling or buying a business can sometimes feel like inspecting dirty laundry, for lack of a better comparison. Each aspect of a business, down to the smallest detail, is brought to light and examined. Charging too little for your products? Losing market share to a competitor? Margins declining?

In every transaction, roadblocks arise, and they are oftentimes the result of business details that the buyer uncovers that makes them reconsider their purchase. Sellers who want to identify and solve these details in advance of a sale, frequently turn to us for our strategic consulting services.

Identify & Solve the Details

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Our focus is on positioning a business for a sale, and we work to review and recommend areas for improvements in each of a company´s main areas:
  • Operations
  • Minimizing costs / improving margins
  • Product pricing
  • Purchasing strategies
  • Sales & Marketing strategy
  • Obtaining new customers and retaining current ones
  • Generating further brand awareness
  • Necessity of web site and Internet advertising
  • Finance
  • Refinancing to reduce debt service costs
  • Tax minimization strategies